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Trekking Cabin


Rotingo is a scruffy character in the wilderness.

Vaguely animal and vaguely architectural, Rotingo’s form and material insert a theatrical quasi-subject

into the vast and empty wilderness to welcome and shelter the weary traveler. 

Elevated on metal columns Rotingo's interior is removed from the ground and inward-looking, without outward windows, to protect its inhabitants and tame the surrounding landscape. The timber dome covered in thatch keeps the rain out and infuses new life into a traditional building technique without nostalgia through its posture and strangeness.


Rotingo asks you to not be alone in the wild, but to sense something vital and comforting in the inert matter that constitutes its body. The various types of wilderness Rotingo could be set within are represented through the Romantic paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. A goofy new character is inserted into each painting’s sublime and overwhelming glory to interact and befriend the human figures originally painted.


Rotingo turns awe to awww! 

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